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Vault51 Productions is a small avant-garde Indie media and film production company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. My nickname is Captain and here at Vault51 Productions it’s all hands on deck! Our Cincinnati based crew wears a lot of different hats, but we turn out some unique themed photo books and film works. In short, we love being small. It allows us to take chances, have freedom and experimentation that large companies cannot achieve. That’s the whole reason we’re independent. 

We are currently in production on two films; “The Center of the Universe” that is a documentary about a small town where loyalty, friendship and a promise is a promise still means something. This is our first feature film we’re entering in the Cincinnati Film Festival. Our other film is a horror film “Soul Carnival” that focuses on today's struggle of young adults to get ahead in life by any means. 

We truly thank you, our fans, as it’s your support that drives us to the next level.



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